Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 201 - Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

Sometimes I am too stubborn for my own good.  Despite still coughing constantly, needing to blow my nose at regular intervals through out the day, and not having done a real workout at all this week, I somehow decided that I needed to go for a 14 mile run.  Not only am I not back to 100% health, but I figured I could just run 3 more miles than my next longest run during this training process.  I was wrong.

After Charlie dropped me off at the Idaho state border line,  I quickly realized my mistake.  I simply could not breathe.  GROSS ALERT!!!  IF YOU HAVE  A WEAK STOMACH, STOP READING.  Like during my hike last Saturday, I constantly needed to stop and clear junk out of my lungs and nose.  Fortunately, the centennial trail was fairly empty (most other local runners were participating in the bloomsday race downtown).  Therefore, very few people had to witness my frequent expelling of snot and phlegm.

I have finished 2 marathons in the past, but this was the most painful run of my life.  Not being able to breathe made every step agonizingly difficult.  I wound up needing to walk a significant portion of the "run" and ended up quitting at the 12.5 mile mark.

Part of the purpose behind this blog was to provide an honest account of my successes and failures in working towards my goals.  I am an EXTREMELY proud person and have a tremendously hard time admitting failure.  BUT, it's time for a little honesty.  I am not prepared to finish a marathon in 4 weeks from today.  I certainly could blaze ahead and attempt the full 26.2 miles.  I could likely run a good part of it and then hobble along for the remainder of the course, crawling if necessary to cross the finish line.  I would enjoy NO part of the experience.  But because I am so stubborn, I would be willing to rip my body to shreds to achieve this goal I set in October.

Or, I can admit to myself that I did not put in the work necessary to successfully complete a marathon, swallow my pride, and down grade to the half marathon.  Having run 11.3 miles 2 weeks ago without issue or injury, I am certain I could run the entire half-marathon and be proud of the result.  Plus, I am less likely to endure an injury during the half marathon that may prevent me from achieving my next goal of climbing Mt. Rainier...

My head says to do the half, but my damn pride demands me to go for the full!  What to do?  WHAT TO DO?

If you were in my shoes (which would be gross, because my shoes STINK), what would you do?

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  1. It wont let me vote...? I say half marathon! Don't hurt yourself because you aren't ready!