Sunday, May 15, 2011

Days 210 - 216 - Getting Lazy

I have been a very lazy blogger, and for that I apologize.  Here's a quick review of the happenings in the life of me.  I slept in on Sunday after the prom and then met with Corey to review for my labor law final.  I was thoroughly disappointed by the finale of the Amazing race.  I really had hoped Gary and Mallory would win, but alas they were foiled by a shoddy cab driver.

I studied all day Monday, breaking only to take the dog for a walk, to go to yoga and to watch gossip girl.  By Monday night, my brain was fried.  I simply refused to learn anything else and went to bed.

I had my labor final on Tuesday.  The sun was finally out, so I spent the last few hours reviewing for the exam in the sun.  Although the exam was scheduled to take three hours, I finished in an hour and a half.  This allowed me to scurry off to teach my dance classes on time.  On the drive to the studio, I felt myself become a happier and more carefree person.  It was like at the end of Beauty and the Beast when you think the Beast is dead, but then light shoots out of his fingers and toes and suddenly he becomes a prince...  That is exactly what finishing your last final is like.  You are no longer an mangy haired Beast with a short temper and poor grooming habits.  As you pull out of the law school parking lot after that last final, the curse is lifted and you return the bright and joyful person you once were.

My dance classes were a pleasure to teach.  There were no rolled ankles or swear words.  SUCCESS!

I killed it at the gym on Wednesday.  Having not lifted weights in a while, I worked my way around the gym like an old pro.  After the weights and some intense time on the stair master, I was exhausted.  Since my car is still out of order, I had to walk home from the gym.  Fortunately, the sun was out and there was a nice breeze.  This inspired the rest of my activity for the day... Sitting outside in the sun reading a book.  I read some stupid chick novel called Something Blue.  It was dumb.  A total waste of time, but who cares?!  I've got nothing but time for a few days!

The highlights of Thursday included picking up my car, getting my ring inspected and cleaned, baking cookies with my hubs and going to a dance studio meeting.  Maggie and her husband Brian will be celebrating their 1 year wedding anniversary this weekend, so Charlie and I decided to make them sugar cookies.  I was certain that we had a heart shaped cookie cutter.  I was wrong.  Charlie thought we should just use the cookie cutters we have (a ghost, scary moon and two sizes of pumpkins), but I didn't think they quite fit the anniversary theme I was going for.  We tried to find a heart shaped cutter at Shopko, but were out of luck.  So, we free handed them.  They may not be perfect, but I like the way they turned out.  And in case you were wondering, no we did not hire a professional to put on the sprinkles.  That fine work is 100% a product of Charles J. Hilen.

Friday, I met Roxy and Haley for drinks to celebrate the end of finals/ beginning of summer.  I had only planned on having a glass of wine, but when my power steering went out on my drive down to CI Shenanigans, I decided a stiffer drink would be necessary.  So I had my glass of wine and a margarita.  Fortunately, I had gone for a 5 mile run earlier in the day so I didn't feel too guilty about also ordering the chicken nachos.  Unfortunately, I forgot to apply sunscreen...  Oh well, you can't have a sun burn without SUN.  And I wouldn't wish away the sun for anything! 

After an early morning drop off at the airport (you better know I love you Haley for to get my rear out of bed before 5 AM on vacation), the rest Saturday was spent running errands with the Hubs.  We quickly ate lunch at Waddel's before returning home to rest and prepare for tonight's prom.  I enjoyed a little more outdoor reading time (sun burn had already turned into a tan... I love being native!).  I'm finally getting around to reading the book 1L by Scott Turow.  I was given it as a gift after I was accepted to law school.  THANK GOD I DIDN'T READ IT THEN.  The book is about a first year student's turbulent experience at Harvard Law.  It is scary how much his experience matched mine.  Had I read this book before starting at Gonzaga, I may have been discouraged from finishing.  It is oddly therapeutic to read it now, however.  It's almost as if the frustration, anxiety and fear I experienced is being validated by a stranger who went through a similar experience nearly three decades ago.  

Around 5:30, Charlie and I set off for the convention center.  Mead High School choose to have their prom on the roof.  Sounds awesome, right?  WRONG.  An hour south of Spokane, the city of Pullman was under a tornado advisory.  The winds in Spokane were no less forgiving.  Our typical DJ set up involves light trussing and a sound system that are raised several feet in the air.  I've been in law school long enough to know that if either of those systems were to crash down on a student that we would be F'ed.  We managed to rig up a make shift wind screen, so we for the most part were protected from the wind.  The poor kids, however, were blasted the entire night.  I would have been pissed if I was one of those girls who had spent $75 on a fancy updo only to find my hair a total wind blown mess 30 minutes into prom.

The dance itself went well.  I got to DJ a bit and had a pretty good time helping out the Hubs.  After the dance, things took a turn for the worse.  I felt myself starting to feel weak and assumed I was just tired.  I hurried to get everything torn down and brought to the car as fast as a could.  While Charlie loaded the jeep, I became very aware that I wasn't just tired.  Yep, I got food poisoning.  I, like so many of the underage drinkers at the prom, got to throw up on the drive home.  JUST FREAKING GREAT.  After a shower and some water it was time for bed.

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