Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 147 - 26 years

Today was my 26th birthday.  It started at the beach cabin with the traditional birthday breakfast.  It's delicious, but terrible for the diet.  Let's just say that the topping alone is equal parts butter, vanilla ice cream and brown sugar....  I'll be running extra this week.

Charlie had to teach a lesson tonight in Spokane, so I had to get him to the airport around noon.  After dropping him off, Tucker and I enjoyed spending time with some of my former coworkers in Seattle.  Then we were off to Lakewood to pick up my little sis from her stint as a manager for the boy's baseball team.  I love the girl, but she made me wait an hour at a baseball practice for a team she's not on.  I totally could have finished the episode of Real Housewives of Orange County that was DVR'd.  LAME SISTER! 

I took her out for some sister bonding/birthday dinner at BJ's pizza.  I LOVE  that pizza.  YUM!  Thank god we got a small, because I think we would have devoured a large.  After hanging out at my dad's for a bit, I headed back to my mom's to crash for the night.  Thanks for the b-day texts/emails everyone!  No exercise today, but I'll be back at it tomorrow!

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